Ordering Documents from Estonia

Estonian citizens may order official documents issued in the Republic of Estonia (birth, marriage, death certificates and various other documents) through the Embassy of Estonia. Please be advised that the certificates mentioned above are issued only to the person about whom the document has been registered in the registry office, or to that person’s representative. A death certificate is issued only to the deceased’s widow/widower, relative, or in-law.

To order documents the Embassy should receive the following:

  • Completed Document Order Form;
  • Completed archive/registry questionnaires;
  • The application fee, please note that all fees are based on the fluctuating monthly exchange rate and the Embassy should be contacted (by phone or e-mail) to confirm the current amount before applying for a document. The application fee is non-refundable, even if the requested documents cannot be found in Estonia.

To order documents by mail, a copy of the applicant’s passport must be attached to the application.

Upon the arrival of the document from Estonia, the Embassy will send the document to the applicant by regular mail to the address on the document order form.
If Express Mail or courier service is requested for sending the document, a pre-paid self-addressed envelope must be enclosed.

Please note that citizens of other countries who wish to order documents from Estonia must contact their respective authorities.