Starting from January 11, 2024 all public documents issued in Canada (birth, marriage, notarial documents) need additionally an Apostille certificate to be accepted by Estonian authorities. Please contact either Global Affairs Canada or AlbertaBritish ColumbiaOntarioQuebec and Saskatchewan provincial government for an Apostille certificate, the province or territory where your document was issued or notarized, is what will determine the competent authority where you must send it.

For detailed information, where to send your documents, please consult the Global Affairs Canada web-site.

NB! All documents authenticated before January 11, 2024 by Global Affairs Canada may be still used, but need to be legalized by the Embassy of Estonia in Ottawa. 

In order to have a Canadian public document, which was authenticated before January 11, 2024 legalized by the Embassy, please send the following documents to the Estonian Embassy in Ottawa:

  • Application for legalization (application);
  • Document to be legalized (original and already authenticated by the Global Affairs Canada);
  • Legalization fee (please consult the list of state fees);
  • Self-addressed, pre-paid envelope if documents are to be returned by mail.