An emergency situation has been declared in Estonia due to the pandemic spread of the coronavirus in the world.

From 17 March there will be a temporary restriction on entry to Estonia for foreign nationals who do not hold an Estonian residence permit or right of residence, or have family members in Estonia. Read more

We care about your and everyone’s health. For this reason and in order to stop the spread of the coronavirus and flu, we kindly ask you to seriously consider whether coming to the representation is essential. Thank you for your understanding!

On 17 March 2020, applications for Schengen visas and long-stay visas to Estonia can no longer be submitted at representations and visa centres of external service providers. This also applies to Schengen visa applications that are processed by Estonia on behalf of another member state.

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EUFF: Estonia | The Little Comrade

08.12.2019 16:00
Ottawa Art Gallery 10 Daly Ave, Ottawa, Canada

Moonika Siimets, 2018 | 99 minutes | Drama

Based on the autobiographical novels of Leelo Tungal, The Little Comrade presents the Stalinist occupation of Estonia through the eyes of a 6-year-old girl. When Leelo’s (Helena Maria Reisner) mother is arrested for having “nationalist tendencies” and sent to a prison camp, she tells her daughter to be a good girl as she leaves. This instruction greatly affects Leelo’s comprehension of the adults in her family, and her tumultuous, rapidly changing environment; a point of view that is carefully conveyed through cinematographer Rein Kotov’s thoughtful photography. The feature-length debut of esteemed documentarian and short filmmaker Moonika Siimets, The Little Comrade treats its dark and heavy subject matter with the hope and lightness of a child.

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08.12.2019 16:00
Ottawa Art Gallery 10 Daly Ave, Ottawa, Canada